Senior Portrait Tips

Here’s a few “Senior Portrait Tips” that will help make your session a true hit!


Pick a variety of outfits in a variety of colors.  Solid colors and small patterns work best….avoid stripes.  Wear clothing that you normally get compliments on.  Casual outfits in earth tones are great for outdoors.  Dark solids look nice for more formal type pictures.  Lighter colors are great for lighter backgrounds and vice versa

Bring props that coordinate with your outfits and show who you are….class ring, letter jacket, instruments, sports equipments, etc.

Pets are more than welcome to join in the shoot provided you bring someone to hold them during the rest of the session.

If getting hair cut, colored or permed please allow one to two weeks for it to grow out or settle before your session date.  Wear styles that make you feel comfortable.


Makeup should be slightly darker than normal day wear.  Avoid makeup with sparkles.

Avoid wearing a hat all day before your session so as to not have “hat hair”. 


Make sure nails are clean and manicured.  Don’t forget about your toes if you want some barefoot shots.


Don’t worry too much if you have acne or blemishes. Retouching works great!  Feel free to cover big problem areas with cover-up or concealer.

Most glasses will have a glare on them…If possible have your optometrist remove the lenses from the frames for your session.


Relax and Have Fun!!!  Your attitude will reflect in your portraits.

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