What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking? A Kingwood Newborn Photographer


When I started getting the itch to become a full-time photographer I was working as a bookkeeper for the school district in which I lived.  I had already been playing around and taking pictures for friends and fellow co-workers and I was told I was pretty good.  A family session here, a senior session there…pretty fun and I liked it.  Things were starting to change in the accounting department within the school district…. new policies, new software, new people.   Not the happiest of changes for me.  It felt like a good time to move on.  What was I thinking?!  Could I survive as a full-time photographer?  I just had to try!  So I pulled on my boot straps and dove in head first.  Things started off pretty good.  I got a business name and started taking family sessions.  I loved taking the photos and meeting new people.  Editing was a lot of fun to me.  I had spent countless hours learning Photoshop and now I could put it to great use.  We all know it’s not just about the shot these days.   I continued on this path for a while but something seemed to be missing.  I didn’t feel complete.  These sessions didn’t really float my boat so to speak.  Don’t get me wrong…it was photography and I love taking pictures but it felt like there should be more.  Do I need to change my editing?  Maybe I need new locations?  Is my camera good enough? Did I make a mistake?  What was I thinking?  Should I hang up my hat?  And then when I thought all hope was lost……  I discovered newborn photography!

Kingwood Newborn Photography- Baby in a gold crown.

Whoa!  I adore babies!!! Can’t get enough of them really!  I use to babysit quite a few every day when I lived up north.  (I know….what was I thinking? LOL) I had never seen pictures of newborns taken this way.   When my kids were young we just took them to Sears at 3 months.  Up until then you had those gorgeous (cough, cough) hospital ones and of course family snapshots.  This new way of taking newborn pictures took my breath away.  I had to try this!  What was I thinking?!  It can’t be that hard right?…they are babies after all.  You pose them, point those lights at them and snap the picture, right?  LOL! Yeah, right!

Newborn Portraits in Kingwood- Baby in a basket

So, I looked at few ideas, booked a session and prepared for my first shoot.  The day had arrived!  This was going to be a breeze!  NOT!!! The baby didn’t want to sleep.  She pooped and peed everywhere.  I told this darling couple it would take about an hour!  Great!  I haven’t hardly taken anything yet and times up.  I need to find new blankets, these are all wet.  Mom seems flustered.  Dad is pacing outside.  I’m sweating profusely.   This baby is blotchy and covered in baby acne.  Why are there harsh shadows on her face? This isn’t going to look like the dreamy, darling newborn pictures I’ve seen on pinterest.

Affordable Houston Kingwood Newborn Baby Maternity Photographer by Little Wonders Portraiture- baby holding teddy bear on blue blanket

Ugh! What was I thinking?!  This is waaaayyy harder than I thought!  Obviously I don’t truly understand the complete scope of it all.  I know I want to do this!  I’m not giving up yet! Somebody is able to do it…there’s pictures all over the internet.  I can do this!  So I studied like I’ve never studied before.  I recalled all the things that seemed to go wrong and worked to correct them.   I took notes after notes, studied the posing, learned the lighting and totally wrapped my brain around every nook and cranny of newborn photography.  Once I realized it is very hard work I embraced it.

kingwood newborn photographer-baby in rhinestone tiara

Now, it is my all-time love.  I could photograph these tiny little beings all day every day.  Their time as newborns is so brief.  They change so fast and when those days are gone they are gone.  Capturing those little wrinkles, fresh peeling skin, the clamped umbilical cord that provided them life, their tiny little toes and fingers all became very important to me.  Parents could always treasure them and they will forever be frozen in time. Newborn sessions filled the void in my photography business.  I learned it wasn’t all about the editing, the location, or even the camera…..It was about the subject for me.  What was I thinking?  Thank goodness I was:)   I still have other divisions of Recollection Road Photography.  But I would have to say that Little Wonders Portraiture is my “baby” and I’m proud to be a Kingwood Newborn Photographer.

Kingwood Newborn Portraits- Baby in a basket with hat.kingwood baby pictures- baby foot in brown lace


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