Old Window Panes

Do you ever go junking and see the old window panes leaning against the wall waiting to be sold? Do you ever think…”those are so cool but what on earth would I do with it”? I found the coolest idea on the internet and wanted to share with you all. Simply measure the window pane and have your picture printed large enough to where you could trim down to fit the dimensions. Make sure you choose a picture where the faces or important aspects of photo are not blocked by the wood that makes up the panes. Hang the picture on the wall and place the window pane over the top. I think I would have my picture printed on masonite or foam board of some sort. Another great idea would be to do smaller prints to fit within each individual pane. I believe this type of wall hanging could fit into almost any decor. You could also place words on the wall above or below the frame for added appeal. I have a number of window panes in my garage. Now I just need to figure out what room and what picture:)  

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