Coin Photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a friends husbands coin collection.  He uses the photographs in his computer database.  It has been quite interesting!!  There are some many different aspects of coin collecting that I was completely unaware of…  Circulated, uncirculated, almost uncirculated…etc.  And there are all kinds of grading systems, numbers, etc.  Not to mention how the coin came to be, how many different dyes were used, did they change over time, etc., etc., etc.!  It is extremely fascinating to me the scope of all that goes into this hobby, coin making, and coin history.  I just love history!! These are little pieces of history with their own individual stories.  As I photographed and enhanced the pictures of these coins I was completely blown away by the detail in some of them.  From the words on the Liberty Bell in one coin to the leaves in the woman’s hair in another….and OH! let’s not forget the detail in the feathers of all those eagles!  If you know of anyone that collects coins, sit down and talk with them for awhile.  It is higly enlightening and can be somewhat contagious:)  Just what my husband would like….me to start spending his money buying someone else’s money! LOL!

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